The Duo Flor de Sal features “Caminho de Mar e Luz”, the first album to Zé Francisco solo, until now best known as a singer of the group of Tavira, Marenostrum. Zé Francisco edit his own disc, through which it assumes as singer and author and continues its role of stories related to the sea of his chores, the nostalgia and the love he inspires.

Accompanying him is flutist Ana Figueiras, who with her experience in the field of classical music, her talent and affection, makes a fresh approach not only to the topics included in this CD, like the rest repertoire presented live, inspired by the traditional nature of Portuguese music and other world music genres.

Here are sung extinct frames of the Algarve tuna, the most current example ever of 2 Indio da Meia Praia" by Zeca Afonso, Fado-Morna epic of codfish facing the dangers of Newfoundland, the sloop, the slang, the "motorboat Sailing" and other songs like Blimundo, Tu Gitana, Almortão Lady and much more ...