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The band Bicho do Mato refers to April 2011, when four musicians joined (at the invitation of the item ""A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria") to write some original songs.

Tó-Zé Bladder (Uxu Kalhus, NMB, Ocarina), Zé Peps (Pucarinho, Here There Ball), Daniel Catarino (Uaniauel, O Rijo, Long Desert Cowboy) and Daniel Melico (Bandex, Pucarinho) created a distinct sound of music traditional, rock, folk and world music.

The Bicho do Mato features melodic and accessible songs in contrast to some crudity of his words in a sing more human intervention than political, sung and played in Portuguese.

The band has realesed their first album and is preparing their work live.