Hostia de Mentol

"Could be unique stories of Alfama or Santos, Marvila or Bairro Alto, but they are not. Could be unique stories of deception love, passion scam or tavern dawn, but they are not. The essence of Caruma covers a huge variety, and their universe is broader than the slogans that are suggested. The Portuguese vernacular, particulary chosen between the rich lexicon of our language, is here ironic, reactive, mordant, suggestive, provocative and materialized in songs like “Nossa Senhora do SIS”, “Diabetes com Chantilly”, “O vestido a Esvoaçar” or “Estado Febril”. One who brings this "pop-marialva" mixed with red wine fanfare with splashes of Emir Kusturica knows a lot about these things, and are ready to take the risks. Of course that could not be beardless boys (or choir boys) who offers us so lucid and refined artistic delicacy.The proposal comes from people with a wide knowledge. Now take note: Rui Costa (Silence 4, Philharmonic Gil) on bass; Carlos Martins (Umpletrue, The Clits, Annette Blade) on vocals and guitar; Pedro Santos (as guest musician in Silence 4, Philharmonic Gil) on piano and euphonium (tenor tuba); José Carlos (Dapunksportif, Umpletrue) on drums; and even the emerging voice of Ana Santos.With the homonymous disc ready to leave a reputed publisher (recorded in the studios of Rui Veloso). This guys will give much to talk about ... " Carlos Matos (in: Fade In)