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After many years Antonio Portanet returned to live in Portugal and we are back to meet again.
The memory of concerts and albums released in 1978 (Muertes) and 1983 (Noche de Cuatro Lunas) was still very present and therefore the challenge of singing again in Portugal and beyond. . . Some concerts were held, but something was missing. . . To record an album!
We organized the agendas of Pedro Jóia, Norton Daiello, Vicky Marques, David Leão and the album "Eternamente Lorca" was born with the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca and music of Antonio Portanet.
It is with great pride that AVM Music Editions presents the new album "Eternamente Lorca" with edition on 29th of March.
The music that was created for these poems by Lorca, especially from the book "Poeta en Nueva York" and which we now present, had its genesis in New York during the stay of Antonio Portanet in the United States.
Everything was born, paradoxically, in the privileged haven of peace and green tranquility of Gramercy Park, in the heart of Manhattan.
At that time, the re-reading of "Poeta en Nueva York" created in the artist an indelible impact.
"Shaken by the impressive perceptive sensitivity and timeliness of these poems that Lorca, Andalusian like me, decades before wrote during his stay in New York (1929), I decided to create a set of musical compositions to sing "Poeta en Nueva York", work considered as one of the greatest expressions of Poetry of the twentieth century.
After some time, I had the great pleasure and honor to present for the first time in the New York Public Library a musical work with poems sung of "Poeta en Nueva York".
I leave you these songs, they are my deep homage to Federico García Lorca, who "showed solidarity, with the frustration of the human being when he can not live the life he desires."
              “Crucé el mar en solitario y no había nadie para recibirme en la orilla…”
           ("Cruzei o mar sozinho e não havia ninguém para me receber na praia ..." )

António Portanet